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“One for the Road has always been my favorite. It was short, sweet, and terrifying. The isolation King described puts you right in the middle of the confusion and chaos that slowly builds as our protagonists venture closer and closer to the evil that resides deep in Jerusalem’s Lot. When I first learned King offered a Dollar Baby Deal to adapt One for the Road, I couldn’t pass that opportunity up. To adapt one of my favorite short stories that terrified me as a child was something I needed to do. To accomplish this would be the beginning of my greatest dream: to become a filmmaker with the ability to instill fear and anxiety in the way many horror directors did in my early life.” – Joshua Brucker






You can see interviews with many of our cast and crew, including more location stills and original music by our composer HERE!

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As we move closer to production, we’ll be using your donations to help build a strong community of fans. We plan to film additional footage, develop some killer props, and secure the appearances of all of our actors and actresses! We’ll need equipment, provide lodging, and supply our team with meals and travel expenses.

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If you wish to contribute to the production of this film, please follow the link below!


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Filming Locations

This bit of area is called Moonlight Rock Road by the locals. We’re filming off the road, however, on a path that ventures into the forest. The stone formations in the ground give the appearance of a once-paved road that has crumbled and deteriorated. The area matches perfectly with the wilderness of Maine, which is something I find to be particularly important.

Moonlight Rock Road, International Falls, Minnesota


Of course, the beginning of the film will follow the short story, wherein the initial exchange between our protagonists will entirely exist in Tookey’s Bar. From where we’ll be filming the exterior scenes, we travel just down the road into Ranier, Minnesota. There, at a little establishment named Loony’s Brew, we’ll film our interior scenes.

Loony’s Brew, Ranier, Minnesota


Artwork by Brian Bradshaw

You can view more artwork HERE!

If you wish to contribute to the production of this film, please follow the link below!