We’re approaching the final days of the campaign and it’s been an interesting ride, but ultimately I don’t have confidence in reaching our goal and I must be honest with myself and everyone else. I’ve already discussed this with our cast and crew and I also contacted all current contributors, so after a few conversations with many involved, we’ve decided to put production on hold and go back to the drawing board.

But ONE FOR THE ROAD isn’t dead just yet!

We still plan to film in International Falls and Ranier, Minnesota. We’re planning to enter production in the spring of 2018, giving us ample time to build a much bigger social media base so we can approach funding at a later date with more time to strategize and execute a successful run.

I’m so proud of everyone involved and I couldn’t ask for a better cast and crew! You’re all truly talented and amazing.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who shared, supported, and/or contributed to this project. We’re still going strong and I’m not letting this project go, and that is because of YOU. I love all of you, and I truly mean that.

So we’re back to where we were a month ago, nothing has changed at all. We’ve got a cast, a crew, storyboards, handshake deals, and your support. So for now, I’ll continue to work on this project, share any updates, and spread the word!

Thanks so much again, everyone!

– Joshua Brucker

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