Casting Update Notice

Stephen King’s One for the Road is Coming to Life in a New Short Film starring Lance Henriksen

Manteno, Illinois, May 18, 2017 – Filmmaker Joshua Brucker is pleased to announce that casting for his upcoming film, One for the Road, based on the short story by Stephen King, is complete.

The film acts as a prequel to King’s bestselling novel, ‘Salem’s Lot, and Brucker was signed by King to create the film as part of King’s Dollar Baby Deals. The vampire tale follows an out-of-towner – Gerard Lumley – who experiences a slight accident on the rural road into ‘Salem’s Lot. Desperate to save his family, he enlists the help of Herb Tooklander and Booth, Herb Tooklander’s close family friend. Together, the three venture into the night, only to come face-to-face with the evil that resides in ‘Salem’s Lot.

“The story had an incredible amount of potential and with the connection to his novel ‘Salem’s Lot, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. While I’ve made many changes to the story, I guarantee the viewer will feel the tension and dread they experienced while reading King’s story,” said Brucker, who is making his directing debut with this film.

Brucker has attached actors known across the sci-fi and horror genre such as Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator) for the role of Old Booth, Don Scribner (Crossing Over, Alien Armageddon) in the role of Herb Tooklander, as well as such seasoned actors as Matt Roy, Daniel Bielinski, and Danielle Harris (Halloween IV and V, Rob Zombie’s Halloween retellings) to play the role of Anna.

Harris’s agreement to star in the film comes with the agreement that Brucker will first reach his fundraising goal via a crowdfunding campaign set to launch in June.

“I very much enjoyed the script,” Harris stated. “I would love to appear as Anna.”

Brucker noted the cast will be the key to bringing his script to life.

“I’ve put together an amazing cast, who are entirely capable of tackling the script I’ve crafted. They will certainly bring a level of authenticity to the characters they’re set to portray, something that can sometimes be hard to find in many of the other King Dollar Baby films. I’m excited to learn from them on set and hopefully we all walk away having had a wonderful, fun experience.”

The film, which is set to begin production in September, will be shot throughout Ranier and International Falls, Minnesota. The bar scenes will be filmed in Loony’s Brew, located in Ranier.

Brucker plans to make final announcements regarding the crowdfunding campaign in the coming weeks during which parts of the storyboard will be released as well as video interviews with the film’s stellar cast.

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